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Premium Walnut Ammo Boxes

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9mm walnut ammo box 9mm walnut ammo box
9mm Ammo Box $49.99
These 9 mm walnut ammunition boxes are American-made and carved with precision to give you the best storage for your rounds. With the magnets that secure the lids, you can rest assured that your rounds are not going anywhere until you take them to the range to dial your accuracy.   These 9 mm ammo boxes feature: A beautiful hand-rubbed walnut finish 50-round capacity “9 MM” engraving on the lid to differentiate it from other ammo boxes A magnetic locking feature to keep the lid secured in its place   Cubed Ammo Solutions is proud to offer products that are American-made and built to last. The artisan’s craftsmanship allows for the beauty of the walnut to shine through giving you the opportunity to own very unique ammo boxes that will improve the look of your gun collection!   Your order includes:  The 50-round capacity lower half  Upper half with a sharp “9 MM” caliber engraving  Magnets on both halves to keep the ammo secured inside the box   Whether you are a gun aficionado yourself or know someone that is and wish to surprise them with a great gift, Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you these beautiful hand-crafted walnut ammo boxes that will be the envy of everyone at the range!
.45 Colt Walnut Ammo Box .45 Colt Walnut Ammo Box
.45 Colt Ammo Box $59.99
Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you this beautiful .45 Colt walnut ammo box so you can store your ammunition safely. These American-made boxes are made by hand and with attention to detail. The magnetized lid will stay in place to protect your rounds!   The .45 Cal ammo box features:  Artisan-crafted and hand-rubbed finish Build with natural walnut wood Capacity for 50 rounds of.45 Colt rounds Beautiful engraved “.45 Colt” on the lid to identify your ammo   At Cubed Ammo Solutions, we are excited to bring you this and many other ammo boxes. This .45 colt ammunition box is a perfect fit for those gun aficionados that have a place for their collection and are looking to improve on its look. With the capacity for 50 rounds, these boxes make the perfect range ammo box.   What you get:  A top half carved with the caliber specs  A bottom half with capacity for 50 rounds that fit flawlessly  Four magnets that will help the lid close to protect your ammo   The .45 long colt walnut ammo box can become the perfect gift for people that enjoy the hobby of gun-owning. If you are looking to get rid of that old rusted metal ammo box, Cubed Ammo Solutions has the best natural wood ammunition boxes in the market!
.38 Special Walnut Ammo Box .38 Special Walnut Ammo Box
.38 Special Ammo Box| Ammo Storage $49.99
The .38 caliber ammunition box from Cube Ammo Solutions is made with natural, hand-finished walnut and carved precisely to fit 50 .38 rounds. These wooden ammo boxes made in the U.S.A. are the perfect solution to get rid of those nondescript cardboard ammo boxes that tend to break easily and offer no protection for your ammo.   The .38 Cal ammo boxes feature:  Exact holes to fit 50 .38 Special caliber rounds Precise engraving on the lid to identify the caliber American- and veteran-made craftsmanship Natural, hand-rubbed walnut finish   The beautiful ammunition boxes made by Cubed Ammo Solutions are guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your rounds and be a great addition to your gun collection. Stop using old rusty ammo boxes or the original cardboard ammo box that offer no protection for individual rounds.   This box includes:  Precisely carved bottom half with capacity for 50 rounds  Neatly engraved “.38 SPECIAL” lid  4 magnets that are used to hold the box together and protect your ammo   As a veteran-owned and -operated company, Cubed Ammo Solutions is proud to serve every gun enthusiast by providing these unique walnut ammo boxes, each one with a different pattern and look to it thanks to the natural patterns in wood. Get these for yourself or as a gift today!
Beautiful .22 Caliber Walnut Ammo Box .22 Caliber Walnut Ammo Box
.22 Caliber Ammo Box $39.99
Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you this handcrafted wooden ammo box for .22 caliber ammunition. This beautiful walnut box holds 50 rounds and it’s delicately worked to be the perfect gift for gun enthusiasts.   This .22 caliber ammo box features: All walnut piece Added magnets to securely hold the lid in place  Beautifully carved caliber number on the lid to distinguish from other boxes Natural wooden finish   The wooden ammo boxes from cubed ammo solution are handcrafted, American-made, and veteran-made. When you purchase one of our ammo boxes you know you are getting a high-quality product that’s made with precision and high attention to detail.   This product includes:  The bottom half is carved to fit the caliber perfectly  Lid carved with the caliber number  Magnets on both sides to hold the box together   The wooden ammo boxes at Cubed Ammo Solutions are made with an expert hand. These boxes can be the perfect father’s day gift, birthday gift for a gun enthusiast, or a great prize for a shooting competition. When you are looking for a quality present, you can’t go wrong with Cubed Ammo Solution’s wooden ammo boxes!
.357 Walnut Ammo Box .357 Walnut Ammo Box
.357 Ammo Box $49.99
We know that you have great trigger discipline and you keep your guns well maintained, but do you have your ammo packed away in a wooden box specially designed for your caliber? Cube Ammo Solutions offers the right ammo boxes for your .357 caliber ammunition. Our handcrafted, veteran-made wooden boxes are great for gun aficionados and makes for the perfect present!    The .357 Ammo Box Features:   Hand- and American-made walnut craftsmanship Magnets on both halves to hold them together when closed 50 ammunition holes impeccably carved to fit your .357 caliber ammo   When you want the best ammo box to complete your collection, Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you the best walnut hand-carved compartment for your ammunition. Impress your friends at the range by bringing one of these boxes around with all your .357 caliber ammo neatly organized inside the box.   What’s Included:  Hand-craft wooden ammunition box  Magnet feature to keep the halves together when you need it  Natural wooden finish that will last for a lifetime!   Give the perfect gift or treat yourself to an item that will improve your gun collection. The wooden ammo boxes from Cubed Ammo Solutions guarantee beautiful craftsmanship made by the hands of an American veteran and expert carpenter!
.45 Caliber Walnut Ammo Box .45 Caliber Walnut Ammo Box
.45 Caliber Ammo Box $49.99
Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you a beautiful hand-crafted walnut ammo box with a delicate hand-rubbed finish. The .45 caliber ammo box makes for a perfect gift for any gun aficionado or anyone who’s looking to improve their collection.   This .45 Cal ammo box features: Capacity for 50 rounds Natural walnut with a hand finish Four magnets to hold the box together Neatly-carved caliber on the lid   Our wooden ammo boxes are hand-crafted and American-made to provide you the quality product that you deserve. The superior craftsmanship from our artists will assure you that you’ll have a product that you can show your friends or brag about at the range whenever you go practice with your .45 Cal!   This ammo box includes: One half of the box with a 50-round capacity  Another half with the .45 caliber number carved on top  Four magnets to hold the two halves together   If you are looking for the perfect wooden ammo box to improve your weapons collection, Cubed Ammo Solutions makes top-notch walnut ammunition boxes with a hand-rub, natural finish. These ammo boxes are also the perfect gift for those who are looking to secure their ammo while keeping them in a dry and aesthetically pleasing box!