.22 Caliber Ammo Box


.22 Caliber Ammo Box

Product description

Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you this handcrafted wooden ammo box for .22 caliber ammunition. This beautiful walnut box holds 50 rounds and it’s delicately worked to be the perfect gift for gun enthusiasts.


This .22 caliber ammo box features:

    • All walnut piece

    • Added magnets to securely hold the lid in place 

    • Beautifully carved caliber number on the lid to distinguish from other boxes

    • Natural wooden finish


The wooden ammo boxes from cubed ammo solution are handcrafted, American-made, and veteran-made. When you purchase one of our ammo boxes you know you are getting a high-quality product that’s made with precision and high attention to detail.


This product includes:

    •  The bottom half is carved to fit the caliber perfectly

    •  Lid carved with the caliber number

    •  Magnets on both sides to hold the box together


The wooden ammo boxes at Cubed Ammo Solutions are made with an expert hand. These boxes can be the perfect father’s day gift, birthday gift for a gun enthusiast, or a great prize for a shooting competition. When you are looking for a quality present, you can’t go wrong with Cubed Ammo Solution’s wooden ammo boxes!

.22 Caliber Ammo Box

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