.32-20 Winchester Ammo Box


.32-20 Winchester Ammo Box

Product description

Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you an eye-catching walnut ammunition box for your .32-20 Winchester caliber. This box is a must-have that will allow you to safely store your ammo while giving your gun collection a fancy twist with a natural, hand-rubbed wooden finish!


 The .32-20 Winchester round box features:

    • A clean carve of the caliber on the lid to differentiate from other boxes

    • Natural, American-made craftsmanship

    • Magnets to keep the lid close and your ammo secured


A gun collection is not completed without a good-looking wooden ammo box to store your rounds. Cube Ammo Solutions offers veteran-made ammo boxes made out of walnut with a natural wooden finish. Every box is unique thanks to the natural patterns in the wood.


Our .32-20 ammo box includes:

    •  Bottom half with a 50-round capacity

    •  Top half with a neatly-carved engraving of your caliber

    •  Four magnets to keep your box safely closed and secured


The walnut ammunition boxes from Cubed Ammo Solutions are the perfect gift for people who enjoy the hobby and lifestyle of gun collection and ownership. Whether it is a present for a friend or for yourself, know you will be receiving a long-lasting ammo box that’s sure to improve your collection’s look!

.32-20 Winchester Ammo Box

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