.40 Caliber Ammo Box

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.40 Caliber Ammo Box

$49.99 $59.99
Product description

If you are looking at your amazing gun collection and notice that something is off, it’s probably that you are keeping your rounds inside their original nondescript cardboard box. Update your stash with Cubed Ammo Solution’s .40 caliber ammunition box to add some flair to your collection!


Our .40 Cal ammo box features: 

    • Carved details to set your .40 Cal ammo apart from other boxes

    • A hand-finished walnut build

    • 50-round capacity per box

    • Magnets to keep your ammo box closed


There’s definitely a difference when you see your ammunition organized neatly and Cubed Ammo Solution provides just that. Our walnut, hand-made ammo boxes are American-made and provide a unique look to your collection and means of storage. Don’t let the opportunity of improving your ammo storage pass.


Our .40 caliber box includes:

    •  Four magnets that will keep the box safely closed

    •  Two halves neatly carved and a flawless fit for 50 .40 Cal rounds


Cubed Ammo Solutions is proud of the products we offer. Our American- and veteran-made ammunition boxes are the perfect gift for gun aficionados and for your own collection as well. We guarantee a high-quality product with a unique and natural walnut finish that only mother nature knows how to create!

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