.45 Colt Ammo Box

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.45 Colt Ammo Box

$64.99 $74.99
Product description

Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you this beautiful .45 Colt walnut ammo box so you can store your ammunition safely. These American-made boxes are made by hand and with attention to detail. The magnetized lid will stay in place to protect your rounds!


The .45 Cal ammo box features: 

    • Artisan-crafted and hand-rubbed finish

    • Build with natural walnut wood

    • Capacity for 50 rounds of.45 Colt rounds

    • Beautiful engraved “.45 Colt” on the lid to identify your ammo


At Cubed Ammo Solutions, we are excited to bring you this and many other ammo boxes. This .45 colt ammunition box is a perfect fit for those gun aficionados that have a place for their collection and are looking to improve on its look. With the capacity for 50 rounds, these boxes make the perfect range ammo box.


What you get:

    •  A top half carved with the caliber specs

    •  A bottom half with capacity for 50 rounds that fit flawlessly

    •  Four magnets that will help the lid close to protect your ammo


The .45 long colt walnut ammo box can become the perfect gift for people that enjoy the hobby of gun-owning. If you are looking to get rid of that old rusted metal ammo box, Cubed Ammo Solutions has the best natural wood ammunition boxes in the market!

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