9mm Ammo Box

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9mm Ammo Box

$49.99 $59.99
Product description

These 9 mm walnut ammunition boxes are American-made and carved with precision to give you the best storage for your rounds. With the magnets that secure the lids, you can rest assured that your rounds are not going anywhere until you take them to the range to dial your accuracy.


These 9 mm ammo boxes feature:

    • A beautiful hand-rubbed walnut finish

    • 50-round capacity

    • “9 MM” engraving on the lid to differentiate it from other ammo boxes

    • A magnetic locking feature to keep the lid secured in its place


Cubed Ammo Solutions is proud to offer products that are American-made and built to last. The artisan’s craftsmanship allows for the beauty of the walnut to shine through giving you the opportunity to own very unique ammo boxes that will improve the look of your gun collection!


Your order includes:

    •  The 50-round capacity lower half

    •  Upper half with a sharp “9 MM” caliber engraving

    •  Magnets on both halves to keep the ammo secured inside the box


Whether you are a gun aficionado yourself or know someone that is and wish to surprise them with a great gift, Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you these beautiful hand-crafted walnut ammo boxes that will be the envy of everyone at the range!

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