.223/5.56 Ammo Box

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.223/5.56 Ammo Box

$69.99 $79.99
Product description

    You need to protect your ammunition. Cubed Ammo Solutions .223/5.56 Ammo Box is hand crafted and has the capacity to hold 60 rounds. The precise holes for each round keeps the ammuniton secure and safe in their allotted space.

    This walnut ammunition case is a great way to show off your ammo at any range time, and with its nice shine it'll make sure you always get noticed!

This ammo box features: 

  1. Neatly carving on the lid to help identify the rounds
  2. Magnets that help seal the box to keep your ammo secured
  3. atural walnut with a hand-rubbed finish
  4. 60-round capacity

In other words, don’t go to the range with the boring and unreliable cardboard boxes. Cubed Ammo Solutions is well known for their eye-catching products, and the company’s newest line of ammo boxes are no exception.

There's something about a handcrafted 223/5.56 Ammo Box that just oozes quality. Maybe it's the way the wood is painstakingly sanded, or the way the hand rubbed finish gives it a deep natural lust.

Our 223/5.56 ammo box include:

  • Bottom half of the box with a 60-round capacity
  •  Top half neatly carved with the ammo caliber
  • Six magnets to keep the lid in place protecting your ammo

If you are a gun aficionado, you have to have these amazing walnut ammo boxes from Cubed Ammo Solution. Also, you will receive a quality and American-made product. Our ammunition boxes will help to show  your love for guns. Secondly, supporting a veteran-owned and -operated business!

Finally, we take pride in our products, and that includes our .223/5.56 ammo boxes. These boxes are designed to keep your ammo secure, with 12 powerful neodymium magnets that ensure the box will stay shut until you're ready to open it. Whether you're out on the range or in the field, you can be confident that your ammo is safe and sound. So when you're looking for a .223/5.56 ammo box, look no further than Cubed Ammo Solutions. We'll keep your ammo where it belongs.

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