.308 Ammo Box

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.308 Ammo Box

$69.99 $79.99
Product description

This hand-crafted walnut ammunition box from Cubed Ammo Solutions has the capacity to hold 50 rounds of .308 ammunition. The precise carving for the rounds is meant to keep your ammo secured and safe. The hand-rubbed finish also brings an attention-grabbing piece, great for an afternoon at the range while practicing your shots.


This ammo box features: 


    • Neatly carving on the lid to help identify the rounds


    • Magnets that secures the lid to keep your ammo secured


    • Natural walnut with a hand-rubbed finish


    • 50-round capacity


Don’t go to the range with the boring and unreliable cardboard boxes. Cubed Ammo Solutions’ ammo boxes are crafted by expert hands to give you an eye-catching product that’s only improved by the beautiful uniqueness of mother nature’s walnut wood patterns!


Our .308 boxes include:


    •  Bottom half of the box with a 50-round capacity


    •  Top half neatly carved with the ammo caliber


    •  Six magnets to keep the lid in place protecting your ammo


If you are a gun aficionado, you have to have these amazing walnut ammo boxes from Cubed Ammo Solution. You will receive a sturdy and American-made craft to feed your love for guns while supporting a veteran-owned and -operated business!

Cubed Ammo Solutions

Cubed Ammo Solutions