.357 Ammo Box

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.357 Ammo Box

$49.99 $59.99
Product description

We know that you have great trigger discipline and you keep your guns well maintained, but do you have your ammo packed away in a wooden box specially designed for your caliber? Cube Ammo Solutions offers the right ammo boxes for your .357 caliber ammunition. Our handcrafted, veteran-made wooden boxes are great for gun aficionados and makes for the perfect present!


 The .357 Ammo Box Features:


    • Hand- and American-made walnut craftsmanship

    • Magnets on both halves to hold them together when closed

    • 50 ammunition holes impeccably carved to fit your .357 caliber ammo


When you want the best ammo box to complete your collection, Cubed Ammo Solutions brings you the best walnut hand-carved compartment for your ammunition. Impress your friends at the range by bringing one of these boxes around with all your .357 caliber ammo neatly organized inside the box.


What’s Included:

    •  Hand-craft wooden ammunition box

    •  Magnet feature to keep the halves together when you need it

    •  Natural wooden finish that will last for a lifetime!


Give the perfect gift or treat yourself to an item that will improve your gun collection. The wooden ammo boxes from Cubed Ammo Solutions guarantee beautiful craftsmanship made by the hands of an American veteran and expert carpenter!

Cubed Ammo Solutions

Cubed Ammo Solutions